The Raleigh Burner returns, but not as you know it…

Raleigh UK has revived the Burner name, but in a slightly different format. Instead of the classic BMX, the Burner will be brought back as a limited edition balance bike, as will the Sherwood.

Based on two of the most successful bikes in Raleigh’s product history, the new limited releases will be replicated for younger riders.

The Balance Bike version of the Burner will be created in alloy, ensuring the bike is lightweight; it will feature a blue pad on the handlebars and BMX-style grips alongside a black saddle, silver rails and clamp. The decal will be under a protective coating to ensure the Burner graphics stay intact.

The Sherwood Balance Bike also features a lightweight alloy frame, and comes shipped with a wicker basket and bell included. Its frame, styling and position were specifically designed to perfectly mirror the adult counterpart.

Alongside the basket, the Sherwood Balance Bike has brown grips and saddle, alloy silver rims, spokes and hubs, alongside cream tyres. As with the Burner, the decals are under a protective coating to ensure the graphics stay intact.

The bikes are currently available to pre-order for trade accounts through the sales team until the end of February.

They will go on sale to the general public from October 2018.

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