A British inventor based in Sweden has developed a mobile phone charging unit that is operated via and comes complete with a dynamo. It could be used to power a whole manner of different devices...

The phone charger you pedal

Kieron Loy showed BikeBiz his invention yesterday. He and his business partner travelled to and from the Home Counties in a flash car to demonstrate what they believe will be a big seller.

The Pedal & Power charging kit will cost £24.95 (trade price c. £12.75) and will be available in February/March. It comes complete with a dynamo and universal fixing bracket, a phone holder for the handlebars and a jet-engine shaped charging unit which can be slung under the top tube. The customer has to provide their own in-car cigar lighter phone charging cable because it is not possible to supply a universal one.

As well as charging a phone the jet-engine shaped unit could power any device supplied with a cigar-lighter lead. This could be anything from search lights to baby food heaters to cool box fridges. Mobile mechanics could even carry their own bike-powered vacuum cleaners to make sure they dont leave any mess behind!

Loy and his company Ikon Global Ltd. specialises in developing new products and bringing them to market. The Pedal & Power kit, made in Taiwan/China, will be pre-sold into IBDs by the telesales team at Telecom Network Services, a mobile phone accessories and ancillaries provider. Further business will be sought at David Hydes Cycle & Leisure Show, which Ikon is planning to exhibit at.

The charging kit will be launched in Europe and America at the same time as the UK and overseas distributors are being sought. Pedal & Power is Patent Corporate Treaty protected (ie patents have been filed in 97 countries so rip-offs should be lessoned).

Telecom Network Services: 0800 0743340

Email: Kieron_loy@hotmail.com

Tel: 0374 438 348.

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