Just like BikeBiz, IBDs have been impressed by this weeks in-house trade show at the Sinfin Lane HQ of Moore Large. The company now covers all the angles: budget to top-end road, MTB, trials, BMX, road, roadster and pavement bikes. The breadth of offering is the same for P&A. And a tie-up with JCB looks like a licence to make money, and could bring wider benefits to cycling as a whole...

The earth moves at Moore Large show

You could now kit out a diversely branded, merchandised and price-pointed bike shop with just the bike and accessory brands from Moore Large (and just think of the free trip to Sri Lanka for Moore Larges fastest growing IBDs).

Coppi road bikes. Haro BMX and MTBs. Kentex folding bikes. Fuji pavement bikes. Classic roadsters. Barracuda downhill behemoths. Magnum locks. Vredestrein tyres. Spiky Jack blister-packed bits. Spokey Joe trailers and child seats. Savage IBD-only accessories.

But, in what could turn out to be a major move for Moore Large, a close working partnership has been formed with J C Bamford Excavators Ltd. of Staffordshire, the world-famous digger manufacturer.

Whilst Lew Ways had a licence to use the Jeep name on bikes, and many suppliers licence cartoon characters and fads, the deal with JCB is on a different level, says Ian Young, product manager at Moore Large.

This isnt like Batman or Pokemon licensed bikes. Every JCB bike design has to be signed off by JCB themselves. Our licence agreement is this thick [indicates three inches thick]. JCB dont want to sit on the fence and be just another licensed bike, they want to go for it. They are willing to throw lots of money at the sport.

Young says there has been talk about forming an MTB team or sponsoring a national MTB race series. One of the venues could be the test track at JCBs stunning HQ near Alton Towers. This has steep inclines and declines, watersplashes and other ready-built off-road features.

JCB is the biggest British manufacturing success story of the past 50 years. Its still a family owned firm and the HQ is drop dead impressive. This is one licensed product that wont die away. JCB has a five year plan to develop their bike brand, says Young, who infectiously enthuses about his trips to the JCB HQ.

A full launch will be staged at the BAs Harrogate trade show in June and product will be available in July/August in readiness for the Christmas market. JCB bikes will be offered to IBDs and non-IBD channels.

But were not going to flood the multiples with it, said Young.

Striking POS materials are planned. These could include scaled-down JCB excavator scoops which would hold the rear wheels of two or more JCB bikes.

Accounts will be set up on the standard Moore Large payment terms. But this isnt how J C Bamford built up his company. For donkeys years all digger dealers have had to pay for their machines before they leave the factory. Try that one in the bike trade!


A fuller report on the rest of the Moore Large show will be included in our February magazine which should be with you by 22nd February.


TOP: Ian Young with the Junior JCB bike

BELOW: The Barracuda logo has tweaked.

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