The nominations were made by 1000 listeners to the high-brow Today programme on BBC Radio 4, the radio station that sets the UK's news agenda every day. Ten inventions were nominated. It's good for bicycles to get a mention, but they likely won't win. The other nominations include cars, penicillin, television and the internet. Vote now for your favourite, it's on And vote for the worst invention too - up there with nuclear weapons and car alarms is the Sinclair C5!

The bicycle makes it into Top Ten Global Inventions of last 150 years

The inventions vote is the Today programme’s way of marking the 150th anniversary of The Patent Office.

The call for nominations prompted over a thousand emails with suggestions of inventions from the last century-and-a-half which have proved invaluable to everyday life, as well as those which we would be better off without.

The nominations can be found at:…/inventions.shtml

Vote for the bicycle, says Richard Thomas, CTC’s transport campaigner.

"You never know it might make a difference." has done so. Go bikes, go. Our worst invention? Car alarms…

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