New BA president makes opening speech

‘The Bicycle Association has been strengthened for the future’

In his first speech as the newly installed president of the UK Bicycle Association, Cyclemotion’s Mark Bickerton has said the appointment of Phillip Darnton has given the BA new strength for the future.

Darnton will support the organisation and its promotion of cycling in the UK in the new role of BA executive director

Bickerton also thanked his predecessor, Philip Taylor, for his efforts in the role, as well as those who work behind the scenes.

Bickerton said: “I would like to thank Philip Taylor again for all his very hard work as president over the last four years. He has put an enormous amount of effort into ensuring that the BA has continued to be an organisation that the membership can be proud of and benefit from all its activities. I am very much looking forward to his continued friendship, support and involvement as deputy president for my tenure.

“Also, to recognise that behind the scenes, we also have the continued hard work of both Pat Morris and Mel Payne, who oversee the vital process and function of the BA, and of course Alan Cater who heads up the Technical Advisory Group, which continues to ensure that members best interests are looked after in the many committees they sit on especially regarding standards. These key people in the organisation are the substance behind the scenes that may not get any of the credit for what we do, but who are a very large part of making it actually happen.

“I am sure the appointment of Phillip Darnton as executive director is going to be a fantastic strengthening of the Bicycle Association, and will give Phillip a continued platform from which he can work his magic for benefit of the UK bicycle industry, trade and the continued promotion of cycling. Indeed, his tireless work over the last few years have benefited everyone who has had anything to do with bicycles in the UK, or is ever likely to have anything to do with bicycles. Knowing that we have his skills and personality at the centre of the Bicycle Assoc going forward is something that I am absolutely thrilled about.

“Lastly, I just wanted to say that the Bicycle Association continues to be the rock around which so many of the great things that have happened for the cycling, having been the launch pad for Bike Hub, and indeed Phillip’s journey through the National Cycle Strategy Board and subsequently Cycing England. I am sure that we have a long way to go on this course, particularly with Bike Hub.”

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