But the amendments aren't major. Agreement still sought on wheel approvals and allowing disc brakes on competition road bikes.

Tech amendments agreed at first meeting of UCI Equipment Commission

The UCI’s new Equipment Commission met for the first time at the end of April. It is timetabled to meet twice a year. The cycle industry’s representative at the meeting – held at the UCI’s HQ in Aigle, Switzerland – was Robbert de Kock, Secretary General of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry. The meeting was led by UCI President Brian Cookson and also attending was UCI Technology and Innovation consultant Dimitris Katsanis.

A minor rule admentment was agreed at the meeting but there was little movement on the wheel approval process or the okaying of disc brakes for road bikes in UCI-sanctioned competitions.

Tall riders (190cm and taller) are now allowed to use handlebar extensions which are up to 85cm from the vertical line passing through the bottom bracket axle. Further studies on the use of handlebar extensions in combination with the height of riders will also be carried out.

The UCI’s saddle rules remain in place until further discussions with manufacturers, teams, riders and the UCI’s medical commission.

The Equipment Commission meeting agreed that a long-term goal for wheel approvals would be to apply ISO/CEN norms as the regulation tool.

Robbert de Kock said: “The WFSGI appreciates the open and fact-based approach of the Equipment Commission on technical innovations and is looking forward to a close collaboration with the UCI in representing the bicycle industry.

"Although it may take a little bit of time, we certainly see more possibilities to bring further innovation to the cycling sport. This is encouraging for the industry.”

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