Tannus primed for Eurobike 2018

Ever since its inception back in 2004, Tannus Tyres has been working to perfect airless tyre technology. 

Now regarded as the world leader in that area with over half a million users globally, Tannus boasts a spec that matches even the best pneumatic tyres on the market. 

“The goal was to create a tyre that felt and performed like a pneumatic, yet had the unique advantage of being 100 per cent puncture-proof,” said Jazz Walia, Tannus European director. 

As with any leading product, Tannus’ patented Aither technology – a multi-cell polymer foam – has been the subject of numerous replication attempts, including many of the largest tyre brands in the world. “Airless tyres allow riders to do so much more than pneumatics,” added Walia. “They give cyclists the confidence to ride harder, faster and further without the fear of having to stop for a puncture – it’s something the cycling world has not seen before.”

Grip and durability
Tannus is so confident in Aither’s grip and durability that it guarantees 9,000km with only 1.5mm of wear – almost double that of an average pneumatic tyre. Due to the unique makeup of the material, it is Aither itself that provides the grip, rather than the tread, meaning Tannus tyres will continue to grip even as the tread pattern wears.

According to Tannus, despite the lack of air and durable nature, the brand’s tyres are lighter than most tyre and inner tube combinations. For example, the 700x25C Schwalbe Marathon Plus – often regarded as the closest product to a puncture-proof pneumatic – weighs 175g more than the Tannus 700x25C.

Patented pin-locking system
Tannus tyres fit into any clincher rim via a unique pin-locking system, which is included with the tyre, alongside an installation tool. Small pins are inserted into the tyre and clip under the inside rim of the wheel. Tannus stated that this system has been approved by the highest standard of TUV testing. 

Is airless the future?
Specialized was the first major global brand to fit Tannus tyres as standard to their Alibi range. “To be three days ride from the nearest town, yet still have the confidence to push myself and my bike harder, in the knowledge that I’m not going to get a puncture, is totally revolutionary,” concludes Walia. “Tannus has not just created an airless tyre that feels and performs like a pneumatic: it has reinvented the wheel.”

Tannus will be located at stand A3-105 at Eurobike this month.

Sales distribution: Jazz Walia jazz@tannus.co.uk
PR: Sophie Reed sophie@tannus.co.uk

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