Read my lips, COLIBI's president René Takens could be imagined saying. The name says it all, believes Taken: Comité de Liaison des Fabricant Européens de Biciclettes ie European bike manufacturers, not suppliers in general

Takens not taken with BA’s reason for resigning from COLIBI

If, by its resignation, the BA was expecting COLIBI to change its focus, and represent importers as well as pure manufacturers, the organisation won’t be happy with COLIBI’s response.

A press release from COLIBI HQ in Brussels said no change to the group’s focus is planned because "there are other European associations that are already dealing with their specific parts of the bicycle sector: importers, retailers, consumers."

Takens is adamant: “The objective of COLIBI has not changed. Our association still aims at promoting the common interests of the European bicycle industry. To promote bicycle production and usage and to try and convince policy makers to finally attribute to the bicycle the attention it deserves was and also remains the major mission of COLIBI.”

“Therefore, COLIBI truly regrets BAGB’s decision."

Takens said the BA was out on a limb: the status quo was supported by all ten other European members of COLIBI.

"COLIBI is currently focusing on the development of a detailed strategy and action plan," said Takens. And the BA has now excluded itself from this.

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