The Chinese Economic News Service reports that Giant, Merida and Ideal are all expecting to post record sales this year. All thee manufacturers are cancelling holidays, and adding overtime. Some of the boom can be attributed to production of the hot-cake selling Stingray, with much of the rest due to shifting production to Taiwan from Vietnam thanks to the feared imposition on EU dumping duties on Vietnamese-made bikes.

Taiwanese bicycle makers working flat-out to keep up with demand

According to CENS, Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Merida Industry Co., Ltd. and Ideal Bike Corp., are all working to capacity and will likely remain so until at least Q1 in 2005.

Giant had originally forecast sales of $191.74m but the actual figure may be as high as $221m, a record for the company.

Merida is likely to see its revenue reach $147m this year, with year-on-year Nov-Dec figures likely to be at least five percent higher.

CENS reports that Ideal’s existing capacity has lagged behind demands and the company has had to rent a plant nearby to increase production. Ideal expects to post a record annual revenue $61.94m.

Stingray bikes destined for the European market are made in Taiwan, by Giant and others. Stingray bikes for the US are made in China because, unlike the EU, the US does not impose dumping tariffs against Chinese-made bikes.

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