At the end of the month the worlds bike industry leaders descend on Taiwan to visit the 14th Taipei International Cycle Show. Heres a sneak preview of what theyll see

Taipei preview

In the Show Preview published by show organiser CETRA (China External Trade Development Council) there are a whole load of new Taiwanese products. Those that sparked our interest included the Mini Folding Road Racing Bike from Giant; the disc brake for childrens bikes from Joy Industrial, the worlds lightest folding bike from Neobike International; the world’s lightest electric bike from Dahon and Viscount Industries Biolink saddle.

The Giant road racer folder is a mass market (and presumably much cheaper) version of the Bike Friday collapsible bike. It has 24 inch wheels, four bar link rear suspension and folds down without tools. It is said to weigh 10.5 kgs.

The Neobike folder is six kilos lighter at 6.4kg and is made from a motley collection of magnesium, carbon-fibre, aluminium and titanium.

Joy Industrials disc brakes for childrens bikes are said to be low price and Joy has integrated the hub flange and rotor into one piece.

Dahons folding electric bike weighs 16.5 kg.

The Biolink saddle from Viscount Industries is air-padded and is mostly newsworthy for the wonky translation. Picture this if you will: the cooling airflow channels are said to be redirected via a bottom mounted duct. And I thought you were just pleased to see me…

[Pix show the Giant folder and the Joy Industrial disc brakes]

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