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Lumos’ Ultra helmet launches on Kickstarter

Lumos has introduced its latest helmet – the Ultra – on Kickstarter. Designed for commuting and recreational needs, the Ultra features turning signals activated via wireless remote or gesture recognition technology, as well as 360° front and rear light visibility. Ultra is set to be available as the clocks go …

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Chainless bicycle launches on Kickstarter

A chainless bicycle has been launched on Kickstarter. This prototype only has a single-speed design to show the concept working, and funding will allow the development of a multi-geared version, frame production and complete bike products. Design options include a CVT constant velocity transmission and a traditional gearbox. The first …

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Kit Radar on uniting start-ups in a busy cycling industry

Kit Radar is an online retailer with a mission to be the one-stop shop for cyclists looking for exciting new brands. Rebecca Morley speaks to co-founder Dr Bryan Roberts about its origins and the impact it could have on the industry

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