James Smith

Why we should celebrate VFC (Victory for Cycling) day

The war is over, writes James Smith

6 months ago

A helping hand for the bike industry

James Smith highlights some of the grants available to cycling industry businesses as we bounce back from COVID-19

7 months ago

Are we losing our team cohesion?

As the pandemic changes our working practices, and many of us adapt to a home working environment, just how affected…

10 months ago

The Choice Factory

James Smith outlines some of the key findings from Richard Shotton’s The Choice Factory – 25 behavioural biases that influence…

10 months ago

Let’s talk inclusion

There are ongoing concerns in some quarters on the effect of diversity within the workplace, writes James Smith

12 months ago

Reverse supply chain management

By James Smith | "Moving backward through the supply chain is more difficult and complex because there isn’t a priority,…

1 year ago

Should you consider sponsorship?

Sponsorship in our industry is unique, writes James Smith

1 year ago

The four Ps of marketing

There are four generally agreed principles of marketing. You may be considering entering the market with a new product/brand –…

1 year ago

Green credentials?

In the conclusion of a four-part series, James Smith speaks to two industry professionals to explore the cycle trade’s attitude towards…

1 year ago

What do consumers consider when making a purchase?

By James Smith, in the penultimate article of a four-part series

1 year ago