Highway Code

Primal Europe launches ‘Cycle Camera’ jersey

Primal Europe has today launched a 'Cycle Camera' jersey. One year on from a new Highway Code designed to improve…

10 months ago

Highway Code: Just 18% of cyclists believe road safety has improved since changes introduced, research finds

New research has found that just 18% of UK cyclists believe last year's Highway Code changes have made a positive…

10 months ago

Many drivers still don’t know Highway Code changes one year on, poll finds

Many drivers still don’t know the changes made to the Highway Code one year on, a poll has found. In…

10 months ago

The new Highway Code is here (and what it means for your customers)

What impact will the updated guidance have on would-be cyclists? Alex Ballinger explores the welcome rule changes impacting bike riders

2 years ago

Long-term Highway Code awareness campaign needed for ‘mindset shift’, says Cycling UK

The updated Highway Code set to come into effect this weekend could create a “mindset shift” that will make the…

2 years ago

Highway Code changes a ‘hugely important step’ towards making roads safer for everyone, says Cycling UK

The latest changes to the Highway Code are a "hugely important step" towards making the roads safer for everyone, Cycling…

2 years ago

Highway code amendments challenge ‘might is right’ mindset on our roads, says Cycling UK

Cycling UK has welcomed the Government’s latest amendments to the Highway Code that were presented to MPs and Lords in…

2 years ago

Cycling UK launches campaign to support proposed Highway Code changes

Cycling UK is calling on Britain’s cyclists to support ten key changes to the code to make cycling safer, following…

3 years ago

Highway Code cycle helmet tweet branded ‘victim blaming’

The tweet said cyclists should wear helmets and 'appropriate' clothing

5 years ago

Close passing parts of Highway Code could be beefed up, announces Department for Transport

"Death by dangerous cycling" law put out to consultation

5 years ago