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Oxford installs additional bike parking spaces at park and rides

Oxford City Council has begun the installation of 130 additional bike parking spaces at Park and Rides to help commuters cycle the last miles of their journey into the city. The work will see 64 new bike parking spaces installed at Redbridge Park and Ride, 42 new spaces installed at …

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Cyclehoop to “transform” on-street cycle parking services with mobile technology

Cyclehoop is to “transform” on-street cycle parking services with mobile technology, as part of a cloud-based mobile resources management system from BigChange. Using tablets and phones running a mobile app called JobWatch, field operatives synchronise in real-time with the office as part of a paperless management system that has “transformed …

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Analysing the bike sharing economy

Commercialisation and public bike sharing remain prominent trends in the bicycle parking racks market. The rapid pace of urbanisation hasn’t been without its own share of challenges. Increasing air pollution and chaotic road traffic, especially in urban centres, continues to be a challenge for Governments all around the world. Addressing …

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