As readers of the bulletin board will have assumed, there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes fighting over the ownership of the Syncros name. After a reasonably one-sided tussle between GT-owner Pacific Cycles of the US and Mike Poyzer's Super Cycles of the UK a rather bland press statement has been agreed by both parties...

Syncros trademark reverts to Pacific

"Super Cycles and Pacific Cycles have announced that their dispute over the Syncros registered trade mark has reached an amicable conclusion.

"Super Cycles have agreed to transfer the mark to Pacific for an undisclosed sum. This paves the way for Pacific to continue their planned re-introduction of the brand in 2003 with no further complications.

Super Cycles will continue to develop their optimum products range with an alternative registered brand for launch in the spring."

Told you it was bland.

Pacific was never going to take this one lying down: the 2003 GTs are drooping with Syncros parts.

Because of the blandness of the above statement it’s clear that Pacific and Super Cycles have agreed not to disclose any of the fighting that went on between them over the Syncros trademark.

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