Yes, really.

Sydney designer creates licence plate cycle helmet

Australia currently has a law that makes helmet wearing compulsory for cyclists, but how does that help you identify errant cyclists on the road?

That appears to be the question Australia-based designer Justin King posed when he created a ‘smart helmet’, combining a helmet with a registration plate, and a host of lights (as reported in Australia’s Daily Telegraph), as well as bluetooth speakers.

King presented the design to Mosman Council with a view to proposing it to the State Government which is currently considering licensing options for cyclists.

The helmet also includes a warning speaker when a cyclist rides too close to pedestrians. That should cut down on all those near misses – though sadly there’s little detail on how it will help tackle cyclist deaths in Sydney or indeed the rise in cycle accidents across Australia.

King’s own website (hat tip says the hat is smart, safe and responsible, adding: "Without accountability, there is no responsibility (sic). Smart Hat allows a license sign to be attached, identifying the rider to other road users, pedestrians and authorities.

"Registration is a method for riders to show their riding skills, insure themselves and third parties and welcomed as a responsible user of road and pedestrian environments."

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