The new director will be charged with doubling the use of the National Cycle Network. Ads will be placed in The Guardian on Monday, and in next week's Marketing Week

Sustrans seeks new director

Sustrans is aiming to double the use of the National Cycle Network over the next five years and is seeking to appoint a new director whose objective will be to hit this target.

According to data acquired from 80 monitoring sites on the Network, current usage stands at around 60 million trips per year. The average journey length is six miles.

Around 39 percent of UK households have one or more bicycles (source: Transport Trends DETR, March 1999) and Sustrans would like more of these bicycles to be brought out of retirement and used on the National Cycle Network.

With bicycle use in the UK among the lowest in Europe (source: European Best Practice in Delivering Integrated Transport, Commission for Integrated Transport, November 2001) the new Sustrans director faces a tough challenge.

He or she will be the fifth Sustrans director and will be charge of increasing use. Three of existing directors are in charge of: finance, Network progress, and fund-raising. The fourth director is Sustrans founder, John Grimshaw, who is the charity’s CEO and chief engineer.

Sustrans will have completed 10 000 miles of the NCN by 2005 which will put it within two miles of half the population in the UK.

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