The press release - An excellent place to try out the new Christmas bicycle - contains stats that show there has been a 20 percent increase in the number of trips on the National Cycle Network

Sustrans press release gives ride ideas for ‘new bicycle owners’ this Xmas

Press release from Sustrans:



97.2 million trips were made on more than 6,750 miles

of National Cycle Network in 2002 with a 20% increase

in usage since its official opening in 2000, Sustrans

announced today.

The figures have been extrapolated from a survey

being undertaken by Sustrans’ Monitoring Unit using

automatic cycle counters operated by local

authorities throughout the UK. A full report, due to

be published in spring 2003, will show that a

substantial number of people using the National Cycle

Network are new or inexperienced cyclists.

60 million trips were estimated to have been made on

the National Cycle Network when the first 5,000 miles

opened in 2000. The figures show that 72 million are

now using those same 5,000 miles (an increase of

20%). With over 6,750 miles now complete (and with

similar amount of usage being shown on the new

sections) the total usage stands at 97.2 million.

Sustrans expects well over 100 million trips to be

made in 2003.

A Sustrans spokesperson said today: "This is great

news and evidence that our strategy to increase

cycling by providing a mixture of dedicated traffic-

free routes and quiet minor roads, on which

inexperienced cyclists can gain confidence, is paying

off. With thousands of bicycles having been

delivered by Santa this Christmas we can recommend

that those new to cycling try out their machines on

the National Cycle Network, especially the many

completely traffic-free sections."

The National Cycle Network was initiated with a

Lottery grant of £43.5 million from the Millennium

Commission to provide a legacy of new facilities for

walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users in the 21st


Sustrans’ website provides an up to date mapping

system showing the entire National Cycle Network and

with lots of advice and other information for new and

experienced cyclists

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