New funding pledge for London Cycle Hire to benefit central London, despite pleas from Sustrans

Sustrans: ‘don’t forget the boroughs, Boris’

Despite calls from sustainable transport charity Sustrans to bring London’s new Barclays Cycle Hire to outer London, new cash set for the scheme will be invested in central London.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has earmarked a further £81 million for what Sustrans calls a more high-profile city centre cycle hire.

The potential to increase cycling journeys in the capital is much greater in outer London, argues Sustrans.

Carl Pittam, director of Sustrans in London, said: "Sustrans and other organisations helped Transport for London produce guidelines for increasing levels of cycling in the outer boroughs but the boroughs have been given no additional funding to help them deliver it.

"Sustrans supports Cycle Hire, and expanding it to Olympic Park, but if even a small portion of the £81million that Boris has earmarked for Cycle Hire was assigned to the thirteen Biking Boroughs then it could increase numbers of people cycling and give Londoners in other parts of London the chance to benefit from the Mayor’s Cycling Revolution."

Pittam added: “We know that the recommendations in Biking Boroughs are effective. Sustrans already has proven success with the Bike It project working to help pupils make the school journey on foot or bike. Across the UK last year we more than tripled the number of pupils cycling to school everyday in Bike It schools, at an average cost of less than £30 per child, per year.”

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