Tim Flooks, the European tech guru for RockShox, is to hand the keys back to his well-travelled truck in the Autumn. Its unclear whether the declining race scene would justify a Flooks mkII

Suspension ends for Flooks

A permanent fixture at European MTB races for the past seven years (and always accompanied by his wife) Tim Flooks is to seek pastures new once the European race season draws to a close.

My reasons, or I should say ‘our’ reasons, are many, but most boil down to wanting to have a home life. Living in a truck for 7-8 months a year has lost a little of it’s appeal!

We’ve had the greatest time of our lives doing what we love and have made many friends around the world. It’s going to be quite a farewell tour this season!

I don’t yet know what I will do. I am looking at various career paths and I’m open to offers, in or out of the bike bizz.

Given the current ‘state of racing’ I think RockShox will be taking a close look at the early season events before deciding which direction to take regarding my replacement.

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