Hundreds of triathletes take part in two-hour testing programme at Tri Plus show

Surrey Sports Park launches Human Performance Institute for Triathlon

Hundreds of triathletes were treated to elite level athlete testing at the Triathlon Plus Show to mark the launch of the Surrey Human Performance Institute for Triathlon.

The Institute, which was the Official Training Partner of the Triathlon Plus Show at London’s Excel Arena, offered triathletes the chance to be guided through a two hour testing programme. Nearly 200 visitors took part in the analysis, which included body composition testing, in addition to swimming, cycling and running tests.

Located at Surrey Sports Park, staff trainers offer health and performance assessments to a variety of clients. The testing facilities provide athletes with the opportunity to learn about their health and optimise their training.

The Surrey Human Performance Institute will be holding a weekend triathlon training camp for all levels, offering expertise, testing and advice on how to train smarter over the weekend of 5th and 6th April at Surrey Sports Park. More information on that can be found here.

Mark Garfoot, performance sport manager at Surrey Sports Park, said: "We were very pleased to offer Surrey Human Performance Institute’s testing services to a range of athletes at The Triathlon Plus Show. We look at all the pieces of the puzzle that make up the modern-day triathlete and the athletes that took part in our testing programmes were provided with data which will help them train and compete at a higher level and hopefully allow them to enjoy triathlon even more."

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