Spencer Ivy of London has produced a free e-book for would-be e-bike buyers

Supplier produces e-bike e-book

Spencer Ivy’s Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide – free after submission of email and address details – features its own product on the front cover but aims to be an impartial guide.

"Not only are electric bikes simple and easy to ride, they are also a lot of fun," states the book, available as a PDF or, for old-school consumers, as a printed and posted pamphlet.

Va Hua, director of Spencer Ivy, said: "Electric bikes allow people to significantly increase their range and tackle difficult hills with reduced effort, reduced cost, and reduced damage to the environment. They also help you increase your physical health, as you’ll probably end up using an electric bike more often than a conventional one and contrary to popular belief, you do still need to pedal." 

The Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide has information from LEVA (the Light Electric Vehicle Association) and PRESTO, an EU programme designed to promote the use of everyday cycling. E-bike guru Ed Benjamin, founder and president of LEVA, provides additional insights.

Spencer Ivy will be exhibiting at the London Bike Show, 13-16th January.

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