Spring R+R collection brings new fabric tech to the table

Sugoi race and recovery collection available from October

For Spring 2010 Sugoi Performance Apparel has revealed a complete Race and Recovery (R+R) Compression product line that is centred on the brand new Piston fabric technology.

Piston uses polyamide-based materials that boast the lowest weight per square inch available in warp-knit compression fabric. Engineered gradual compression through ZoneConstructiom creates specific compression rings that provide lateral forces against the body, with the greatest force at the extremities that gradually decrease as you move closer to the heart.

Each item of the R+R Compression line provides balanced graduated compression at the recommended compression values for athletic purposes that range between 5-15 mm Hg.

Retail prices for specifc garments are as follows:

Piston 200 short (Men’s / Women’s): 35 GBP
Piston 200 tight (Men’s / Women’s): 58 GBP
Piston arm sleeve: 30 GBP
Piston 200 leg Sleeve: 40 GBP
Piston 140 short sleeve (Men’s / Women’s): 45 GBP
Piston 140 long sleeve (Men’s / Women’s): 50 GBP

Those looking to stock Sugoi garments should contact euroinfo@sugoi.com or call 00800.4321.3350

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