Another BMX brand leaks spy shots of 700c bike

Subrosa entering fixie market

Subrosa has confirmed via its website that it has plans in the pipeline to mass-produce a 700c wheeled bike.

The brand is the latest in the BMX world to announce its plans to cater for the ever growing niche. To name a few of the niche crossers – FBM (4down), SE Bikes (Shiner) and Volume (Scoop) all have product aimed at the market, which is beginning to be bundled under the ‘commuter’ category.

Also announced recently, Zeal has bagged Focale 44, a French fixed gear only brand.

The company’s website reads: "We’re happy to introduce a new style of bike to our line, even if there is some mixed feelings about it. I don’t view it any different than a BMX bike. If you want a fixed gear to cruise to bars, and blast around town, like I do, This is gunna be a badass complete fixed gear for you. Not only is everyone at Subrosa stoked on this, but shops and riders everywhere are too."

Seventies distribute Subrosa in the UK.

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