Property services company FPDSavills has released full details of the Sturmey Archer machinery that will be auctioned off in December

Sturmey stuff for sale

The contents of Sturmey Archers 350 000 sq ft factory on Triumph Road, Nottingham will be available for viewing on Monday 11th December with thousands of lots being auctioned over the following three days.

The star pieces are the three Liebergeld cold-forging presses, each worth £100 000+. The largest weighs in at a hefty 1000 tonnes. All three will probably be picked up for a song by overseas bidders.

Heres the full list:

Presses Cold Forging & Deep Drawing.

Liebergeld 1 x ‘L1000’ and 2 x ‘L630’ tonne Mechanical Cold Forging Presses (1986). Craig & Donald 3 x 500 and 6 x 425 ton Mechanical Cold Forging Press. AIDA ‘C2-25’ 10-Station 250 ton Transfer Mechanical Deep Drawing Press. AIDA ‘C1-20’ 200 ton Transfer Mechanical Deep Drawing Press. Taylor & Challen ‘1573’ 130 ton. Geared Deep Drawing Press.

Other Presses HME ‘G-100’ 100 ton ‘C’ Press.

HME ‘Rigispeed’ 70 ton Open Front Press. Tranemo Double Action Hydraulic Press 200 tonne. Wilkins & Mitchell ‘C30’ 150 ton Mechanical ‘H’ Frame Press. 14 x Taylor & Challen Presses, 12 x Bliss, 15 x HME, 3 x Turner Bros., 5 x Wells 5 ton, Hare Presses 14 x ‘5BS’, 2 x ‘5IT’, 4 x ‘Airmiser’ Pneumatic, Cincinnati ‘Milacron G-30’, CVA 25 ton Dieing Press, Lectra & Raskin Presses, 2 x BHP and Humphris Coil Feeders.

Powder Metallurgy Presses Atlas ‘MPA15’ 15 tonne Powder Compacting Press (1997).

Dorst ‘TPA 100’ 100 tonne (Rebuilt 1998). Lauffer ‘HPM 200L’ 200 tonne Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press. Bussmann ‘HPM 200’ 200 ton. 2 x Bussmann ‘Simetag’ 200 tonne. Bussmann ‘Simetag’ 400 tonne. Dorst 350 ton. Mannesmann ‘Simetag’ 15 ton. 7 x Manesty 35 ton. Mannesmann ‘Simetag’ 45 tonne. 2 x Dorst ‘TPA 60’ 60 tonne. 5 x Rotary Cone Powder Mixing M/c’s.

Wire and Spark Eroders Agie ‘Agiecut Sprint 70’ CNC Wire Eroder (’93).

Agie ‘Agiecut DEM 315 220H’ CNC Wire Eroder (’84). Agie ‘Agietron EMS-2’ CNC Spark Eroder (’85). Agie ‘Agietron FMS 15’ Spark Eroder.

Wire and Spark Eroders Agie ‘Agiecut Sprint 70’ CNC Wire Eroder (’93).

Agie ‘Agiecut DEM 315 220H’ CNC Wire Eroder (’84). Agie ‘Agietron EMS-2’ CNC Spark Eroder (’85). Agie ‘Agietron FMS 15’ Spark Eroder.

Multi Spindle Bar Auto Lathes

Wickmans 3 x 1¾" – 6 Spindle, 5 x 1" – 6 Spindle, 12 x ?" – 6 Spindle, 1 x 1¾" – 5 Spindle.

New Britain Gridleys 18 x 1" – 6 Spindle, 2 x 2¼" – 6 Spindle also BSA 1" – 6 Spindle.

Multi Spindle Chucking Auto Lathes

Wickman 24 x 6" – 5 Spindle, 13 x 6?" – 6 Spindle, 12 x Kummer ‘K20’ 2 Spindle. Single Spindle Auto Lathes. Bechler ‘AR10’ and ‘BR-20′ Swiss Type Sliding Heads with Multibar Powered Bar Feeders. Petermann ’10HS’ Swiss Type Sliding Head. 12 x CVA ‘No. 8’ Single Spindle Bar Auto with 12 Station Magazine Bar Loader and 4 x with Vibro Barrel Magazine Feed.

CNC Machines Takisawa ‘TC-2’ CNC Slant Bed Lathes,

4 x Mk. II (’91), 2 x Mk. I (’97). Sameco ‘Monosam 45’ Hydraulic Bar Feed. Kitamura ‘MyCenter 1’ CNC Vert. M/c Centre (’83). Ti Herbert-Churchill ‘HC3/15’ CNC Slant Bed Lathe (’86).

Grinding Machines Jones & Shipman 1 x ‘1305 EIU’ Universal Cylindrical (’81),

4 x ‘1400’ Horiz. Surface, 4 x ‘1300’ Universal Cylindrical with Int. Grinding Spindle, 1 x ‘310’ Tool & Cutter Grinder. 4 x ‘540’ Horiz. Surface. Thompson Horiz. Surface. Matrix ‘GU 065’ Universal Cylindrical. Catmur ‘2C’ Jig Grinder. 2 x BSA Centreless Grinders. Brierley ‘ZB 32’ Drill Point Grinder, some with Magnetic Chucks. Cincinnati ‘No. 2’ Tool & Cutter Grinder. Pratt & Whitney Tool & Cutter Grinder. Also various Off-Hand Grinders.

Air Compressors/Boilers

Ingersoll Rand 1 x ‘SSR ML 132’ Packaged Screw (’98) & 1 x ‘TMS 300’ Air Dryer (’98). 3 x ‘EN4C30’ Receiver Mounted, 1 x ‘SSR ML4’ Packaged Screw with TMS Air Dryer, 1 x ‘SSR 2000 18L’ Packaged Screw with TMS ‘190’ Air Dryer. Hydrovane ‘IP54’ Rotary Vane. Compair Broomwade ‘6000N’ Packaged Screw. Broomwade ‘V200A-F3’ Vee Twin Compressor with TMS ‘190’ Air Dryer. 2 x Hoval ‘ST 6000’ Gas Fired Medium Pressure Hot Water Boiler, 6 Million Btu/Hr. Output (’84).

Broaching Machines

Lapointe 1 x ‘SPD’ Vert. Semi-Auto Pull Broacher also 5 x ‘FP5’ Verticals. Weatherley Horiz. Broacher. Weatherley ‘XP30X54’ 4 Station Vert. Int. Broacher. Cincinnati ‘1066’ Table Index Vert. Surface Broacher. Weatherley Cincinnati ‘XP30X30’ 2 Station Vert. Int. Broacher.

Sawing Machines Rohbi 2 x ‘RKA62’ Auto Vert.

Reciprocating Cut-off Saw (’87/’89). Kasto ‘SSB260VA’ Vert. Cross Cutting Bandsaw (’86). Do-All ‘BWIPG’ Vert. Bandsaw. Clarke ‘CHS 8W’ Reciprocating Hacksaw. Birkett ‘Cutmaster’ Pull Down Cut-off Saw. Thiel ‘Segura 117’ Vert. Bandsaw.

Finishing Machines

1 x Morris-Flex & 1 x Moons Rotary Transfer Polishing M/c’s. 3 x Doug Booth Shotblast M/c’s. 4 x Acton Vibrota Vibro-Barrel Rumbling M/c’s. 10 x Boulton Vibro-Barrelling M/c’s. Also Rhodes, Trowall & Canning Vibratory Barrels. CM ‘1000’ Shotblast Cabinet. Vixen ‘Jetair’ Beadblast Cabinet. Butterfield ‘MCR Airoblast’ Conveyorised Beadblast M/c. Osro High Energy Centrifugal Deburrer. Acton Vibrota ‘VB3’ Vibro-Barrel. Acton Vibrota Vibratory Maize Dryer.

Treatment Plant ICI Trichlorethylene Heated Degreasing Tank.

PPC Auto Barrel Transfer Process Plant. Hockley Semi-Auto Barrel Transfer Process Plant. Electro Paint Conveyorised Wash Plant. Hockley ‘Barraflow’ Wash Plant. Ohmic Auto Barrel Transfer Process Plant (Rebuilt ’90).

Furnaces/ Ovens

2 x Wellman Gas Fired Mesh-Belt Anneal (’85). 2 x Wild Barfield 70Kw. Electric Temper. 6 x British Furnaces Gas Fired Sealed Quench. 3 x Heat Treatment Services Gas Fired Mesh-Belt Sinter. 3 x Birlec Gas Fired Mesh-Belt Sinter. EFCO Electric Mesh-Belt Enamel Baking Oven.

Die Casting Machinery

EMB ‘No. 14’ Cold Chamber Die Casting M/c. 2 x EMB ‘No. 10’. 3 x Ramsell Naber Electric Crucible Furnace. 2 x Fisher 24 Nipple Die Caster.

Spoke and Nipple Machines.

7 x Hahn & Kolb ‘T3’ Vario 9 Station Rotary Transfer. 12 x Aachener Bicycle Spoke Making M/c’s. 18 x Amba 10 Station Rotary Transfer. 4 x Amba Aachener Cold Heading M/c’s.

Lathes DSG’s Straight Bed Centre Lathes

1 x 13-30 (Rebuilt by DSG in ’97). 1 x 1307-30. Suga Plugboard Auto 4 x ‘STS-2’, 3 x ‘STM-2’, 1 x ‘STM-3’. 8 x Herbert ‘Cri-Dan B’ Threading Lathe. Myford ‘Super 7’ Lathe. DSG ‘Type 17’ 17 x 86 Gap Bed Centre. Harrison ‘M400’ Straight Bed Centre. Herbert ‘No. 4’ Capstan.

Gear Machines

9 x Drummond ‘Maxicut 2A’ Gear Shaper. 3 x Mikron ‘132.02’ Gear Hobber.

Drilling/Milling/Tapping Machines.

2 x Adcock-Shipley ‘Bridgeport JB’ Turret Milling M/c’s. 2 x Slack & Parr 18 Spindle Horiz. Drilling M/c’s. 7 x Centec ‘RE29’ Plain Horiz. Milling. 6 x Cincinnati ‘100’ Horiz. Rise & Fall Milling. 2 x Cincinnati ‘100’ Plain Horiz. Milling. 5 x Mollart Twin Spindle Horiz. Deep Hole Drilling M/c’s. 3 x Slack & Parr Quick Tap. Elevating Arm Radial Drill. 2 x Thiel ‘Duplex 158’ Vert. Milling with Horiz. Milling Spindle & DRO. Parkson ‘M1200’ Plain Vert. Milling. Kearney & Trecker ‘430’ Vert. Milling.

Miscellaneous Machines.

SIP Societe Genevoise ‘Hydroptic-6 HY-6P’ Jig Borer. Sunnen ‘MBB-1650A’ Precision Honing M/c. Liebergeld ‘STR63’ High Speed Bar Cropper (’85). Hylatechnik Hydraulic Die Splitter. West ‘Mono Arc 222’ 8 Kva. Electric Arc Welder. Edwards 48" Powered Guillotine. Morgan Rushworth 50" Box & Pan Folder. Sureweld ‘Tigtronic 165’ 150 amp Welder. Heenan & Froude ‘S50′ and Rockwell ’35’ Horiz. Strip Formers. US Baird Horiz. Spring Former. Löser ‘KS360’ Centreless Linisher (’96). Flott ‘BSM75’ Centreless Linisher. Twin Carousel Enamel Spray Line. Arc System 801 CD Cap. Discharge Portable Electric Arc Stud Welder. Pantograph Engraver. Kitchen & Wade ‘E26’ 4ft. Gentry ‘305’ Auto Vert. Lapping M/c. Ormerod Shaper.

Inspection & Laboratory Equipment

Various Inspection and Measurement Equipt. including Mitutoyo ‘BH504’ Co-ordinate Measuring M/c., Hommel Int. & Ext. Gear Profile Inspection M/c’s. 2 x Baty ‘R202’ Shadowgraph Projectors with DRO. Sigma Projector, and Large Qty comparators, Plug & Slip Gauges. Also Various Laboratory Equipt. including Tensile/Compression Testing M/c’s. Microscopes, Hardness Testers, Electronic Balances, Sample Mounting, Houndsfield Tensometers.

Further details on +44 (0) 115 934 8100 or email

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