If you want a full index of the Sturmey Archer articles carried to date youll find it on the public-access part of the site

Sturmey news goes public

As the Sturmey debacle has received extensive coverage in the Mail on Sunday and on BBC2s Working Lunch (both outlets read the coverage on bikebiz.co.uk), its only right that members of the public should be able to read the full story.

Yesterday, all of the Sturmey articles were uploaded to the non-password protected part of the site. The full story deserves to be out in the open.

Bikebiz.co.uk has received a steady stream of emails from members of the public wanting to know more but was not willing to grant a limited amount of public access to the whole site.

However, Sturmey execs distributed the passwords to their overseas distributors, UK union representatives, media outlets, and their local MPs. Creating an index of Sturmey articles for general access therefore seemed the most logical route to prevent the passwords being distributed any further.

Incidentally, the bikebiz site has also received a great many emails from overseas bike trade companies eager to hear the latest news on Sturmey and Brooks. We now have many new readers from America, Australia and those European countries where Sturmey was a major brand name, including Holland.

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