Further to the auction story this site carried on 1st November, here are some more up-to-date details

Sturmey auction catalogue available soon

As revealed here at the beginning of November, there’s now no hope Sturmey Archer can be rescued as a going concern. The intellectual property – including patents on the in-development 8-speed hub and the name will probably soon be sold to a Far Eastern company beginning with S (no, it’s not Shimano).

The contents of the Triumph Road factory and the putative one in Calverton will be sold in lots at auction. On 1st November Bikebiz.co.uk mistakenly said this auction would take place on 14-15th December but we have since been told by the disposals firm that the auction will actually be held 12th-14th December.

A catalogue, but not a website, will soon be produced by FD Savills of Nottingham (speak to Sonia on 0115 934 8000). This will feature most of the Sturmey plant, including hub gear manufacturing machines and spoke and nipple machinery. Much of the kit is 30 years old and was concreted into the Triumph Road factory but there’s also some bang-up-to-date CNC machinery.

There’s a sale preview day on Monday 11th December.

Further details on the plant for sale, and particulars of the auction, will be carried on this website and in an advert in the November issue of BicycleBusiness due out in two weeks.

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