Or has it been a stinker? Let us know in our latest poll

Straw poll: Has 2015 been a vintage year for bike sales?

As the druids and pagans among you will be aware, it was the longest day of the year on Sunday which means we’re now well into British Summer Time.

Hopefully the good weather will linger well into October and beyond, but at this half way point in the seasonal business of bikes we thought it’d be a good time to ask our readers just what kind of year it has been for sales so far in our latest straw poll.

Are you up on this time last year? Or has your footfall been surprisingly low? Tell us about it in our brief but perfectly formed poll or in the comments below. It won’t be scientific, but it might just provide an interesting glimpse of how the trade is doing. We’ll publish the results in our next BikeBiz mag and then online here on BikeBiz.com.

Of course if we had any official cycle sale statistics to speak of in the UK cycle trade we could stop bothering you with polls like this one, but as all we’ve currently got is a ‘lick your finger and stick it in the air’ style idea of how the wider industry is performing, then our poll might be as scientific as it gets. Worryingly.

But we digress: Please take the poll here

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