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Straw poll: Does whether a bike is made in Britain help it sell?

Product created on these shores has cache in the cycle trade, but does whether the fact that a bike or accessory is UK-made really help it sell?

UK manufacturing is back in the headlines thanks to David Cameron hoping to bring back manufacturing jobs to Britain and the sector seeing unexpected growth amid concerns over the state of the world’s economy.

Manufacturing in the British bike trade is clearly not what it once was: According to COLIPED statistics, the total number of bicycles produced in the UK has fallen from over one million to under 100,000 units in the course of 13 years. Hardly glory days.

Nevertheless a number of respected names produce bikes and the parts and accessories market, incuding clothing, has many quality brands making product over here.

But does that ‘made in Britain’ tag really help shift stock with consumers over here? Or is it one of those things that is nice to have but not really a box shifter in itself?

Tell us what you think in this straw poll or add your thoughts to the comments below. It won’t be scientific, but it might be interesting.

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