Strava, the social network for athletes, is inviting cyclists to join the Global Bike to Work Day Challenge on Tuesday 10th May 2016

Strava will host Global Bike to Work Day on Tuesday 10th May 2016

Cyclists are encouraged to join the challenge and commute on May 10th in a bid to bring the global community of cycling commuters together on a single day.

Participants will be encouraged to use the hashtag #CommutesCount on social media channels to show their support of better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure around the world. 

In 2015, Strava members used their mobile phones and GPS devices to upload more than 168 million activities, roughly 5.3 activities every second. In dense urban areas, nearly half were commutes. 

Gareth Nettleton, VP of Marketing for Strava commented: "Strava Metro is a revolutionary product that only a business like Strava can create. We’ve been helping runners and cyclists track their activities since 2009, and their billions anonymised of data points have given us a unique perspective on how they move through urban areas. When we combine our perspective with local government data and research, Strava can be a very insightful partner to urban planners and municipalities that want to promote and improve cycling in their city.” 

He added: “Your Strava commute counts because every activity has the potential to make a difference to cycling in your area. It doesn’t matter if you ride 1 mile or 50 miles, if you ride to work on 10th May you can be a part of a global movement to make cities better for cyclists.”

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