Heatmaps will show real ride data on where cycling hotspots are in any region

Strava launches ‘Metro’ data service for local authorities

Strava has launched a data service, called Strava Metro, which will target local authorities, gifting them with real ride data from the local region.

With London and Glasgow already on board, the San Francisco company is licensing its data region by region, removing personal ride details and condensing only the information on the routes most heavily used by cyclists and runners.

"The service empowers advocacy organizations and government agencies to understand cycling activity in local communities and make better-informed decisions when planning, maintaining and upgrading bicycling infrastructure," said Strava’s Michael Horvath.

"Bicycling safety is a top concern to our members worldwide, especially when they’re riding through metropolitan areas with a high concentration of motor vehicle traffic. Strava Metro delivers an innovative way for us to serve Strava members and non-members alike by helping to make their daily commutes and weekend rides smoother and safer."

The price of a license is based around the number of active users in a region. Globally, Strava users submit around 2.5 million rides each week.

Flaws in the Metro system have already been pointed out, as your everyday cyclist riding to and from the shops, or place of work, is unlikely to record their ride.

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