Call to glam up bikes, Sir Richard Branson, Ed Milliband, helmets...and a video from SPIN London

Stories of the week on BikeBiz

1. Brum station demands owners of ugly bicycles get prettier ones
It turned out to be a ‘hoax’ according to officials, but Birmingham New Street station has been asking cycle commuters to up their game and glam up their rides. Kind of. It’s worth reading the comments on the story too, if you’re heading that way.

2. Judge cites lack of bike helmet as contributory factor in death crash
This shocking story continued to garner attention, post Bank Holiday.

3. UK manufacturing: ten bike firms talk pros and cons
Reports of the death of UK manufacture have been greatly exaggerated – we take an in-depth look at ten bike firms in this article (which first appeared in our May magazine).

4. Is it time you got a barista for your bike shop?
Bike shops have long been famed for cultivating their shop community through the likes of shop rides. Is having a cafe in the shop another weapon in the arsenal of retailers to get customers through the door?

5. Emerson Roberts to leave Brompton
Brompton’s sales and marketing director is leaving the famous folding bike brand to take up a new role…

Sir Richard Branson falling foul of Australia’s cycle laws, Barclays new free bike clinics in London and this round-up of newly opened bike shops also featured highly.

We didn’t feature it on the site, but in case you missed it, Ed ‘suave action hero’ Milliband came to the rescue of one distressed cyclist this week. The incident brought to mind that of Boris Johnson chasing off ‘oiks’ a few years ago.

Last weekend saw the debut of the SPIN London – the Urban Cycle Show. Missed it? Here’s a video from the organisers to give you a taste.

 And one other from Chris Akrigg that is a must watch from the week gone by:

Chris Akrigg – five from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

In other news...

Belgian start-up Gofluo raises €1 million to accelerate future growth

Gofluo has raised €1 million to accelerate company growth and expand to the US, France …