14 days to go to raise $100,000 target for clever space maximising rack

Store your bike on the ceiling? There’s a kickstarter for that

Indoor bike storage is a problem that has long required a space efficient solution. You’ve the Clug, among others, if storing upright seems the best option, but what about if space is so tight that ground level storage just won’t do?

Today we’ve come across the Stowaway, a pulley activated system that will hold your bike parrallel to the ceiling.

Currently at a fifth of its $100,000 target and with 14 days left to run, the Dublin start up is currently able to offer the system at just $107, rising to $149 once the crowd funding has run its course.

Operated by two colour coded straps, the counterweighted pulley system assists the user, with the extra help meaning you’ll likely only be hauling half the weight of your bike skywards. Furthermore, an integrated braking system means that when it’s time to get it down gravity won’t get the better of you.

If successful, the first units will be delivered in September 2016.

To check the system out and maybe even get behind the project, click here.

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