Storck and EDCO join forces.

Storck joins forces with EDCO to work on wheel/frame aero interface

Marcus Storck, founder and CEO of Storck Bicycles, has told BikeBiz he is to form a working relationship with Dutch-owned wheel-brand EDCO and Paul Lew, the American aerodynamics and composites specialist. Lew joined EDCO in June.

“We are teaming up with EDCO in the US because EDCO has a wind tunnel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the next 12 months we will visit Scottsdale frequently to work closer on our aero line,” Storck said from his Eurobike stand.

“I am not only aiming to make the best frame in the world but also the most aero frame.”

He added:

“A company will be created and we are are discussing EDCO becoming the distributor for Storck in the United States. I have a long term relationship and friendship with Paul Lew.

"We felt it would good to team up and work together, especially on the interface between the wheel and the frame. At the moment wheels and frames are designed separately and consumers choose which wheels to put in the frame, but if you want to have the perfect aerodynamic results the two should be designed together. The wheel and the frame becomes one unit, saving at least seven watts.”

Storck has handled its own distribution in the US since 2013.

Rob van Hoek, CEO and owner of EDCO Engineering BV of the Netherlands, purchased the Swiss components company in 2007.

Lew has focused on aerodynamic and carbon fibre technologies since 1989. He is known for his Black Hole wheel in the mid-1990s, his breakthrough PRO VT-1 full carbon wheel in the 2000s, and currently his Dispersive Effect Termination aerodynamic wheel designs.

In July EDCO USA acquired the FASTER cycling performance centre in Scottsdale, Arizona. FASTER was established in 2011 as the world’s first low-speed wind tunnel built specifically for cycling manufacturers.

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