Stolen Goat reports 80% rise in women’s apparel sales as British Cycling reaches 100,000 milestone.

Stolen Goat report women’s cycling picking up speed

British Cycling recently announced that 100,000 women are taking part in their Breeze programme, indicating that more women than ever have been taking up cycling in the UK.

As women take to the saddle, whether for fun or at a professional racing level, the demand for sportswear designed specifically with female cyclists in mind has risen. Stolen Goat Cycle Wear have seen sales of women’s kit double in the past year, with an additional several pieces added to the women’s range since Stolen Goat first debuted their women-focused kit in 2014.

As the appetite for women’s cycling snowballs, Stolen Goat continues to develop cyclewear for women that combines everyday practicality and high performance with products cut for a female fit, allowing for a wider hip and narrower side and shoulder area. The new Autumn/Winter kit sees the greatest investment in women’s cycling with the Orkaan range continuing into the new season.

Tim Bland, managing director of Stolen Goat remarks that the company have seen "phenomenal growth in terms of both interest and sales of the women’s range; as a result women’s cycling apparel represents our single biggest investment moving forward.

"We believe we are on the right track when it comes to technical specificity, fit and design – we’ve received many requests from male customers to replicate a women’s design for them! Women’s cycling has an exciting future and we’re privileged to be part of it.”

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