...but doesn't feel the duty is punitive enough.

SRAM welcomes duty on Shimano internal hub-gears…

SRAM has issued a press release with their take on yesterday’s story about the European Commission – narrowly – imposing duties on Shimano internal hub gears.

This followed a complaint by SRAM in July 2000.

"It is positive that the European Council of Ministers has followed through on earlier findings by the Commission in the anti-dumping investigation and that duties are now imposed," said the statement, which was from Stanley Day, SRAM’s president and Martin van Beek, SRAM’s European general manager.

"SRAM is confident that this decision will help to restore a fair business environment and will in turn stimulate further innovative product development in Europe. SRAM is dedicated to becoming the most valuable supplier to our customers by providing products that will help to sell more bikes. The EU decision is an important step in ensuring that unfair pricing practices will not prevent SRAM from achieving this objective.

"SRAM feels the anti-dumping duty of 11.3% is low relative to the commission’s finding of 36% dumping, however, we support the action of the commission and feel this is a step forward in restoring a fair competitive environment."

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