On November 13th, the Munich District Court set aside Shimano's preliminary injunction against SRAM's X-series trigger shifters. Germans are now free to purchase, assemble, use, advertise, ride or race with SRAM's formerly verboten shifters. SRAM accuses Shimano of "harassment" and abusing its dominant market position.

SRAM has Shimano’s German injunction set aside

A statement from SRAM said:

"Shimano obtained the preliminary injunction through a legal tactic that initially excluded SRAM’s ability to present our case before the court made their decision. In our opinion it is not surprising that Shimano chose this course of action, which proved to be disruptive to the market. It is consistent with Shimano’s behavior to

limit choice in the market and force the use of their products.

"SRAM’s policy is to take responsibility for our products. That includes indemnifying customers in the event that a court awards patent damages due to the use of a SRAM product. As we have publicly stated and committed to this policy , Shimano’s attempts to intimidate our customers can only be seen as harassment and attempting to limit choice.

"We presume that Shimano will continue a legal action against SRAM products, but now it will be done through the process of an open trial in which SRAM has equal opportunity to present our opinions. We hope that Shimano will stop attacking customers and focus their talent and resources on competition and growing the bike industry as a whole."

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