Donation made to support investment in American cyclists

SRAM awards Bikes Belong $200,000

The SRAM Cycling Fund has awarded Bikes Belong $200,000 to develop America’s cycling network.

Working alongside America Bikes, Bikes Belong will put the money toward encouraging cycling among Americans and as a result, hopefully prompt new facilities nationwide.

“This is the most important year yet for federal bicycling funding with a new transportation bill, the economic stimulus package, and climate change legislation,” said Bikes Belong executive director Tim Blumenthal. “SRAM’s generous support will help us develop a powerful campaign to get individual Americans to speak up for bike funding and its many tangible health, economic and lifestyle benefits.”

“We plan to adapt many of the database, networking and fundraising techniques that were used so successfully by the Obama campaign,” Blumenthal said. “Our goal is to engage hundreds of thousands – ideally millions – of Americans. We want people who support cycling to join the movement and contact their U.S. senators and representatives to encourage increasing the federal investment in bicycling.”

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