Pavilion Sports, Health and Fitness Club, Hampton Court to offer personal fitness assessments

SportsTest branches into West London

Sportstest has announced that their personal health assessment services are now available in South West London. The Pavilion Sports, Health and Fitness Club, Hampton Court can now offer the service to training athletes and the general public.

Sportstest already has a national profile and reputation for providing high level sports science support services to athletes in a wide variety of disciplines including running, rowing, duathlon and triathlon to name just a few.

Sportstest is Headed by Dr Garry Palmer, a world-renowned sports scientist with vast experience of working with athletes to World Championships and Olympic level.

Dr Palmer can advise everyone from grass roots level through to elite athletes as each test is tailored to the individual.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call the Sportstest office on 01384 70099 or take a look at the website

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