Specialized found to be favoured bike brand, while 27 per cent of female participants cycle over 50 miles per week, among other findings

Sports Marketing Surveys analyses Sportive cyclists

A survey of 715 sportive riders has gathered valuable insight into the buying habits of regular participants in long distance rides.

Sports Marketing Surveys interestingly found that proportions of sportive riders that purchased their bike from an IBD increased with age – whereas proportions decreased with age for purchases via an online retailer. Just seven per cent of sportive riders’ bikes were purchased from Halfords – with the vast majority favouring the more specialist brands stocked in the IBD channel.

27 per cent of female sportive riders cycle more than 50 miles a week. Cycling Weekly is the most read magazine of sportive riders, with 28 per cent claiming to regularly buy the magazine. 85 per cent of sportive riders follow the Tour de France and around two thirds followed the Olympic road and track cycling events.

Over a quarter of sportive riders (26 per cent) spent more than £1,500 on their bike. 65 per cent of bikes purchased by sportive riders were via speciality retailers.

Specialized was the favoured bike brand used by the sample of sportive riders, with Continental taking top spot
for tyres and Mavic for wheels. Giro led the helmet count and Shimano was both the most used brand of
shoe and groupset.

John Bushell, SMS INC managing director, said: “The UK cyclosportive participant is a very important
target customer for the major speciality cycling equipment brands, and are the early adopters of
technology, as well as the cyclist who spends a significant amount on the sport and equipment each year.
Knowing why, and how, they make these decisions, as well as which brands are their preferred choices is
critical to the industry. 2013 will see a more extensive survey of events across Europe – focusing even
more on the serious and avid cycling participant, who often set the trends in this fast growing market.”

The full SMS report is available for £350 and those interested can enquire on 01932 345 539.

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