Organisation brings help on board to push cycling advocacy to the masses

Specialized joins Cycling Star Alliance

Manufacturer Specialized has joined the Cycling Star Alliance and shall be working with them to boost sales and encourage corporate cycling participation.

The Cycling Star Alliance provides expert knowledge and full delivery capability, from initial audit of requirements, and travel planning through to the provision of bikes, cycle maintenance and a complete program of sustainable support activities to develop and sustain cycle participation.

Founder member, Sean Lally from Cycle Systems said, ‘We are thrilled to have a major manufacturer on board, particularly Specialized as they are always ahead of the game when it comes to the urban commuting market. The opportunity for organisations to fast-track their employees cycling, improving health and mobility, and creating all manner of business benefits is here with the ‘Cycling Star Alliance.’

Richard Hemington, MD at Specialized said, “Being a member of the Cycling Star Alliance makes complete sense. All parties involved have the same goal of promoting cycling outside the traditional cycling industry channels. Helping larger corporations make the transition from traditional employee transportation to a cycling one is an opportunity with huge long term benefits”.

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