The US company has said its site had 450 000 'unique visitors' in March 2003. It's claimed these were "cyclists of all types". Of course, 'unique visitors' is a hard measurement to pin down, especially as many could be repeat visitors, but the easier-to-quantify dealer locator was used 50 000 times in the same period. experiences 40 percent growth year-on-year

Sean McLaughlin, web manager at Specialized believes the growth is partly due to the regularly updated content but also because of extra worldwide demand for Specialized bike and bits:

"The popular success of our bicycles, especially the Epic, certainly accounts for some of the growth. [The site also has] stunning imagery and in-depth stories that can be found

nowhere else. draws heavily upon sponsored athletes – including world champion Mario Cipollini.

"The 450K number is greater than the combined circulation of all USA cycling

publications in which we advertise. At this rate, we’re bound to break half a

million unique visitors in April, making one of the most

visited web sites in the sport."

According to the paid-for figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations Interactive, gets an average of 260 000 ‘unique visitors’ per month.


"The Schleprock is the world’s oldest known mountain bike and is believed to be dated at approximately 1500 BC (before Cannondaler) It’s made of wood and stone and has the worlds first bicycle computer, the sun dial."

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