Buy a pair of jeans and the sales assistant usually knocks a security tag off so the alarm doesnt sound when you exit the shop. Big boy retailers benefit from fitting such hard tags because they deter shoplifters bigtime. Now theres a security system suitable for smaller stores, and theres a UK bike shop acting as agent

Some alarming news just in…

Sandy Wallace of Wallace Cycles in Inverkeithing has just become the UK sales agent for B to B Links Ltd, a provider of Electro-Magnetic (EM) security tagging systems and labelling systems.

The B to B system works by identifying tagged products as the thief attempts to leave the store and alerts shop staff by activating an audible and visual alarm. For the legitimate customer, the security tag is deactivated by a scanner at the till.

As well as providing highly visible hard tags suitable for tagging apparel the B to B system includes strip-tags which can be placed behind bar-code labels.

Sandy Wallace has the system installed in his shop and will be alerting fellow IBDs to the benefits of Electro-Magnetic security tagging. He has exclusive rights in the UK bike trade for a number of months but further agents will be appointed in due course.

A security system is essential. As well as cutting down on thefts of smaller items, it frees up staff time. On school lunch hours I used to have two folk just keeping an eye on the kids in the shop. That has now been eliminated and they can get on with useful work instead, Wallace told BikeBiz.

I prefer the EM method of detection over the RF (Radio Frequency) method. There are many ways round the RF method, such as shielding the device.

The B to B system currently works best with users of the Stockturn EPoS system because Stockturn have produced barcode labels containing the EM strip tags. This means pricing up items with barcode labels and adding the security tag is done in one operation.

The B to B system is purchased on a lease-hire basis. Leased over six years a typical system costs about £20 a week. Shorter leases, naturally, attract higher weekly payments.

B to B Ltd.

Tel: 0870 751 0605.

Wallace Cycles

01383 412915

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