We take a super early look at two products launching at Sea Otter

Sneak peek: Lezyne’s Pressure Overdrive and Micro Floor Driver XL

Our spy in Taipei has revealed two brand new products from Lezyne, not set for official launch until Sea Otter Classic. 

First up is the Pressure Overdrive, SRP $129.99 (£TBC). 

The Pressure Overdrive is a new floor pump that can charge large volume chamber and dump volume of air rapidly to inflate tubeless tyres to seat onto rims. It can be used as a high pressure floor pump also to top off MTB tyre or inflate road tyre. It is fitted with an ABS-2 chuck connector with presta/schrader bleed value and features alloy/steel/solid wood construction with long braided high pressure hose. More details and test samples will be available after SOC. 

Next up is the Micro Floor Driver XL, SRP $59.99 (£TBC).

The Micro Floor Driver XL is a fatter volume version of the popular micro floor drive, now catering for the Plus-Size and Fat Bike tyred riders. It is not supplied with any frame bracket as it is expected to be carried in back pack. There’s one colourway: Black anodised / gold.

The Pressure Overdrive and Micro Floor Driver XL are just two of the products Lezyne will be launching at Sea Otter. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait to find out what the others are…

Lezyne is distributed in the UK through Upgrade Bikes

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