View colour-popped roads and trails, promises Smith's ChromaPop lens

Smith launches ChromaPop lens tech for sharper, brighter views

Smith Optics of Portland, Oregon, has launched ChromaPop lens technology to its family of PivLock interchangeable performance eyewear. The vision-enhancing tech probides "more detail by enhancing visual clarity, greater definition and revealing natural colour," claims the company.

The proprietary senses filter light at two wavelengths which is said to eliminate "colour confusion" to the brain while providing sharper, easier and faster visual perception.

The interchangeable lenses are available in the PivLock Arena, Pivlock Arena Max and womens’ specific PivLock Asana performance sunglasses with four variable lens tint (VLT) options: ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror (VLT 12%), ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror (VLT 15%), ChromaPop Brown (VLT 17%) and ChromaPop Platinum (VLT 12%).

Each sunglass model also ships with an extra low light lens, the ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash (VLT 48%), to optimize contrast on overcast days or in low light conditions.

For the MTB goggle category, select ChromaPop lenses will be available for the Squad MTB and the Fuel V.2 goggles. Each model will be available with ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror (VLT 25%) or ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash (VLT 50%), plus a clear lens for evening riding.

Smith Optics is part of Safilo Group of Italy, the second largest global sunglasses maker.

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