Dynacraft of the US is to market a line of mid to high-end bikes using the name of gamer sk8r hero Tony Hawk. Oddly enough, the UCI is currently taking skateboarding under its wing, pushing it as an Olympic sport.

Skate icon lends name to mass-market bikes

Dynacraft BSC, Inc. has entered into an exclusive licensing partnership with skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk, star of a number of top-ranking computer games.

Under terms of this agreement, which was brokered by IP Chemistry, a division of the Dimensional Branding Group, Dynacraft will develop several new lines of bicycles under the ‘Tony Hawk’ brand. The line will debut at this year’s Interbike show in Las Vegas at the end of September. ‘Tony Hawk’ bikes will be available in US, big box retail stores beginning Spring 2008.

Hawk, head of Tony Hawk Inc., said: "I’m looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Dynacraft. Their expertise in bike design and technology has made them a leader in their industry. Together, we’ll develop unique lines of "Tony Hawk HuckJam" bikes that will excite the most discerning consumers."

Dynacraft is planning two different series of Tony Hawk"products designed for its many clients. "The Tony Hawk HuckJam Series" will be created for Dynacraft’s mass merchandise customers. "The Tony Hawk Signature Series", being developed by Dynacraft’s recently launched Specialty Retail Group, is for sporting goods chains and other specialty retail customers. This series will include a premium line of carbon fibre bikes and highest end 20" rotor bikes to be distributed online and through several select customers.

A Dynacraft spokesman said "this will be completely different than anything Dynacraft has distributed in the past. They will have higher end components, updated frames, and the most cutting edge graphics ever. We are all extremely excited about this new bike line, and are certain it will be a big hit when we showcase it to customers at this year’s Interbike show."

So, what was that about the Union Cycliste Internationale and getting skateboarding into the Olympics, perhaps as early as 2012? It’s all to do with the UCI’s IOC-induced embrace of all "wheeled sports", not just cycling.

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