Science in Sport, the Brockhall-based sports nutrition company has doubled production capacity at its Altham production facility on the back of a record year. Britain’s most successful Olympian for 40 years has been a user of SiS products for over 10 years...

SiS fears cold turkey; doubles production capacity

Rider Bradley Wiggins has been using SiS products since he was 13 years old.

SiS marketing manager Peter Slater said: “[Bradley’s] endorsement has certainly helped us to increase sales and enabled us to drive home the message that sports nutrition can really make a difference."

Science in Sport, founded in 1992, develops and manufactures its own roducts.

“Whilst we never really wanted to be a manufacturing company we soon came to the conclusion that the only way to be really sure what goes into our products and to maintain high quality standards was to make them ourselves” said MD Jean Lawson.

“This was a hard and arduous path to follow but with recent stories of drug contaminated sports nutrition supplements it has given us a tremendous strength. We have a strict ingredient procurement procedure for the ingredients we use, and our production facility is drug-free so we are able to guarantee that the products we produce are drug-free.”

SiS moved to Brockhall Village in 1993 to set up its offices, laboratories, and a small production facility at its Ashwood Laboratories. The intention was to increase its facilities as the business grew and the Brockhall site developed. The laboratories and production facility was later moved to Altham Industrial Estate, nearby.

“When we first took on the Altham Plant we thought it was huge and that we would be able to expand forever in the same building and never reach full capacity," said Lawson.

"However, within two to three years we were stacking pallets up to the roof and did not have the space to keep up with demand.

Production manager Alan Whitfield said now is the lull before the storm.

“We have recently doubled the floor area by taking over the next door unit at Venture Court and are likely to be busier than Santa Claus over Christmas. This is usually the quietest time of the year for us but as soon as we get into the new year everyone gets serious about their nutrition again and things tend to go ballistic. The pressure is really on to ensure that the new facility is commissioned before the turkey goes cold."

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