Is the Olympic hero about to start his own bike line? The speculation starts here

Sir Chris Hoy to unveil new venture

Next week Sir Chris Hoy is to unveil "an exciting new chapter" of his career.

Could this mean the six gold medal winning Olympic star is going to follow the likes of Chris Boardman into the world of the bicycle industry and create his own brand? (UPDATE: Yes – report on the Hoy launch is here).

Brand power can go a long way and attaching a household name to a product range is a tried and tested recipe for success. Fellow Olympian Victoria Pendleton is another cyclist that has gone down that route so there is a precedent. 

Hoy is to decide his competition fate next spring, and if he does step away from the track he’ll have some time on his hands – although you could argue he could balance the twilight of his racing career with having a hand in some brand development. 

Or are we way off the mark? Is Sir Chris merely announcing his intention to have a go at the world record for the longest skid? Or a move into another sport a la Freddie Flintoff

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