When it was announced that Singletrackworld.com readers had nominated Northern Ireland based web/mail-order retailer Chain Reaction as one of the "best bike shops in the UK", all hell broke loose on the BikeBiz.co.uk bulletin board. A whopping 123 posts later, Singletrack has hammered out a compromise solution....

Singletrack awards get a new category!

"Anyone following the forum threads about our Singletrack awards will be aware that the inclusion of Chain Reaction cycles in the category of Best Bike Shop has stirred up a great deal of opinion from all quarters of the bike industry," admits Singletrack’s online editor, Mark Alker.

"We recognise that these awards are reader awards and that the strength of feeling amongst many people who submitted nominations was that Chain Reaction deserved recognition for the service they provide.

"However, on reflection and after listening to the opinions of both readers and members

of the bike trade, we have decided that Chain Reaction does not fall into our intended definition of a ‘shop’ and so we have decided to remove them from this category and instead award them the title of Best Online Retailer."

The fourth IBD on Singletrack’s list of nominated ‘best shops’ will be added to the now IBD-only category.

The 123 postings on this topic can be found at:


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