First there was the C5. It flopped. Then there was the Zike, a mini electric bike ahead of its time. Then there was the Zeta strap-on bicycle power unit. Now there's to be a powered 'mobility device' designed for pavement use and lighter than the Segway.

Sinclair works on a Segway beater

This is according to an interview with Sir Clive Sinclair on the BBC website.…/3125341.stm

Sinclair’s new ‘personal transporter’ is a He "new product designed at getting people around town", said the inventor.

It is being developed in association with a British-based engineering company which specialises in compact electric motors and drive systems.

Whatever it is, it’s lighter than a Segway:

"In London there are lots of people milling around – a heavy vehicle like [the Segway is] a lot of weight and doing 15mph, if you hit someone it would just knock them for six."

Does he think the humble but enduring push bike can ever be topped, asks BBC Online?

"Just wait until next year," he replied. would like to know where Sir Clive’s folding bike got to? It’s long been rumoured to be one of his pet projects (with folding wheels even??) but has yet to see the light of day.

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